What resources do you have available?

Our regular hymn book is Singing The Faith. We have electronic copies of both Singing The Faith and Hymns and Psalms and project the words of hymns during services. We also have hard copies available for those who don’t like the screens - but there are not enough for everyone (note that some of the hymns in Singing the Faith are not covered by the Church Copyright License and so cannot be projected - if in doubt please ask)

There are enough copies of the communion section of the Methodist Worship book for all the congregation. Where other services from the service book are to be used and where members of the congregation need the words to follow, we are able, given sufficient notice, to print them either in the notices or as a separate sheet.

We can also use songs from Songs of Fellowship and other hymn / song books. Although we don’t have copies of such books for all members of the congregation we have a Church Copyright License and so are able to print the words of most songs for inclusion with the weekly notices and / or display them using our data projectors. If you are a visiting preacher and want to make use of this facility then please let us know well in advance so that the printing can be arranged.

Copies of the Good News Bible are available to members of the congregation either at the back of the church or in the pews. Consequently readings are usually taken from this version. If you prefer a reading from a different version then please ask.

We also have:

  • An organ (and organist)
  • A piano (and pianist)
  • The piano accompanyment to all the Singing the Faith hymns on CD
  • Plenty of readers
  • A drama group (by arrangement)
  • Dual data projectors and screens
  • A video camera
  • A video player
  • A flip chart
  • Display boards and tables
  • Illustrated powerpoints of each of the communion services from the Methodist Worship Book.