I'm coming to take a service - what do I need to know?

If you are coming to take a service, you should first be contacted by the lead steward between one and two weeks before to confirm the date and time and to provide contact details of the stewards who will be on duty on the day.

Then in the week immediately prior to the service, if you havn’t already contacted them, one of duty stewards will contact you to request your hymns for forwarding to the organist, your order of service for forwarding to the projectionist and to check whether you have any other requirements. You should let the steward know if:

  • you need readers
  • you want to organise a drama
  • you need something included in the weekly notice sheet
  • you need some other printing - words of a song or a handout of some sort
  • you would like to play a CD or tape recording during the service
  • you would like an image or video clip etc shown via the data projectors
  • you would like to bring your own laptop and display your own powerpoint slides etc

When you arrive, there will be a steward on duty to welcome and look after you. They should be able to answer any last minute questions you have. They will fit you with a radio microphone, then, shortly before the service is due to start, they will join with you in the minister’s vestry for a prayer of preparation before leading you into the church for the service.

We have several radio microphones and a number of stand and plate microphones which can be arranged as necessary. During the morning service we have an audio steward on duty who will manage audio levels etc. Playback of CDs or tapes through the audio system during the morning service can be arranged through the audio steward.

The church has twin data projectors and associated screens facing the congregation plus a smaller flat screen TV facing the preacher. During the morning service we have a projector operator who, if required, will display the words to the hymns and other relevant information (e.g powerpoint slides, video clips, images, responsive prayers). You are welcome to bring your own material. The church pc has a regular USB slot which will accept USB thumb drives and there is also a VGA video connector close to the lecturn at the front into which a laptop can be plugged to allow the projectors to be controlled from the front (we also have an hdmi to VGA converter and VGA cable to allow more modern laptops to be used). If you do plan on bringing additional material please let the steward know so that they can let the projector operator know in advance and please ensure that it is passed to the projector operator in sufficient time for it to be incorporated into the electronic order of service they will be using.

You can find further details of the resources available on our resources page.

During the service, a steward will bring you a book listing the prayer requests of members of the congregation.

Please note that we now have no children regularly attending our services.