Is the church fully accessible?

Although the church is set back and higher than the road, all areas of the building, except the gallery, can be accessed without the need to go up any stairs. There is a ramp to the front entrance, a lift to take people between the ground and the first floor and a wheelchair lift to provide access to the interior of the church for those who cannot manage the stairs from the concourse. We also have a lightweight wheelchair which can be used by those who can be brought to church but would otherwise find it difficult to get inside.

We welcome wheelchair users and will do our best to accommodate you. The interior of the church is largely taken up by fixed pews but two of the side pews (one on the right and one on the left) have been shortened to allow wheelchairs to be positioned within the congregation.

There are disabled toilets on both ground and first floors and there are baby changing facilities on the ground floor.

The church is fitted with a loop system for those with hearing aids and this operates both downstairs and in the gallery (you will need to switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ position to make use of this facility).