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Q What happens on a Sunday and when?
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On Sunday morning the stewards arrive at least 1/2 an hour before the start of the service to open up and prepare the church for worship.

On the first (and fifth is there is one) Sunday in the month, we have a traditional service downstairs.

On the third Sunday in the month, the morning service is usually all-age worship throughout and the children (if there are any) stay in the entire service.

On the second and fourth Sunday in the month, the children, young people and band (and anyone else who wants to) meet upstairs for a Sunday Jam service

About once a month the morning service will be a communion service. During these we invite all who love the Lord to share bread and (non-alcoholic) wine with us. Those not wishing to take communion are still welcome to come to these services and take part is as much of the service as they wish.

After the morning service, coffee, tea, juice and biscuits are served in the concourse, These are free, but there is an opportunity to make a donation towards the current mission project.

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