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Ladies’ Group

Our ladies' group meet on alternate Thursday evenings at 8pm in room 7 of our church premises. We have around 60 members, mostly in the 50+ age range (although we would welcome younger members). We begin with 5 minutes of devotions followed by speakers on a range of subjects - from learning about "the dig" at Oldknows Mill to singing for pleasure. We close with tea, biscuits and a chat - all for just £2 per meeting.

Each year we attend the Carver theatre productions, enjoy a meal out in the Spring and a Summer outing (always with good food!). Each year we support a different charity - 2016/17 being "The Christie" and 2017/18 being "Early Dementia Support (Educate)".

We are a friendly group so why not join us one night. Our new programme begins on Thursday 7th Sept 2017 with Peter Watson speaking on 'The origins of surnames'

Jean Davis (Secretary)

Women's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship meetings at Marple are held on alternate Wednesdays at 2.30pm in Room 7. Their varied programme includes activities they arrange ourselves, speakers sharing their experience and Church members showing holiday slides. This often includes a geography lesson and they feel they have travelled the world at little expense. At Christmas they have a party with yet another excuse for having something to eat.

They raise money for a number of charities. At one of their meetings members bring a Bible reading which includes the mention of whatever goods they have brought along for our "Bring and Buy" stall, such as grapes, fish, corn. The money raised goes to the Bible Society. In May they have a flower arrangement competition in aid of another charity.

It's a very friendly meeting where all enjoy fellowship, friendship and catching up with each other's news. They also try to carry on this friendship outside the Church as well as inside. They invite anyone who would like to join - from 50 years old to 90+ years young!! You will be made very welcome - do think about it.

Contact: Ann Bouchier

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