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A Souper Day at the Café
(despite a last-minute panic)

Making a hot, thick, heart-warming soup on a warm July day may not seem an obvious pursuit and so, you may ask: why do it? Part of the answer is that the induction hob in the café had been funded by Stockport Hydro and we needed to make good use of it, but the main reason was to bring people together in a fun and fruitful (or should that be vegful) way. And so, on 26 July a willing band of volunteers gathered round a table and peeled and chopped the morning away. In fact, it proved so intriguing that our local MP, William Wragg, who had dropped in, had to come and find out what was going on.

Allotments had been raided and courgettes poured in aplenty (thanks to Joan and Richard from The Ridge and Hazel Meakin).

Thankfully disaster had been averted the day before when it was realised that the pan we were to use didn’t work on an induction hob (it needs to be magnetic, we discovered). Just in time a replacement was obtained from Kate Le Sueur.

Anyway, into the pan it all went to be blended by an industrial sized blender which, quite frankly, looked like it could reduce tarmac to mush. A bit of seasoning and, hey presto, a delicious and filling soup for twenty people. There was even enough left over to freeze for the following week.

Gerard Crawshaw
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