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Those of you with good memories will recall how our link with Lavington commenced, way back in 1976 when our Minister, Rev J.K. Lawton visited the World Council of Churches in Nairobi, Kenya, as a delegate. He was concerned by what he saw on an organised visit to the Church and the surrounding area, and as a result a group of us decided to learn more about the needs, and acted accordingly. The project undertaken was to provide a means of education, as at that stage no State finance was provided. Many children and young people have consequently benefited from the scheme which has operated now for 35 years.

The time has now come for us to draw out of that project, which has been so successful in the past. Mercy, our link, over many years, has been in touch with all the various sponsors of the project, some who are not now within our Church family, in order to express the gratitude of those who have benefitted most recently from our sponsorship.

I believe that Marple Methodist Church has much to be proud of in providing this support - a rough estimate indicates that approximately 100,000 has been forwarded during that time.

Thanks to all those who have been able to support this project in any way over the years - a wonderful achievement of our outreach as a Church.

Peter Avill.

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