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A Week’s Work
SUNDAY Church doors enter in,
Rest from toil, repent of sin;
Strive a heavenly rest to win.
MONDAY To your calling go,
Serve the Lord, love friend and foe;
To the tempter, answer ‘No’.
TUESDAY Do what good you can,
Live in peace with God and man;
Remember, life is but a span.
WEDNESDAY Give away and earn;
Teach some truth, some goodness learn;
Joyfully good for ill return.
THURSDAY Build your house upon Christ
the mighty Corner stone;
Whom God helps, his work is done.
FRIDAY For the truth be strong;
Own your fault, if in the wrong,
Put a bridle on your tongue.
SATURDAY Thank God and sing,
Tribute to his treasure bring;
Be prepared for Terror’s king!

THUS your hopes on Jesus cast,
THUS let all your weeks be passed,
And you shall be saved at last.
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