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Our Marple Methodist Church has for many years supported Lavington in the outreach of that Church which has had a considerable impact in the area of education of children and young people. I guess that many members of our congregation will remember the visit of Joseph Kinyanjui, a few years ago, he came to Marple to thank us, most eloquently, in his second language, for the help that we had provided in making it possible for him to work towards a career as an aeronautical engineer - after many years of studying in conditions which we would have regarded to be virtually impossible. Joseph, as he said at the time, was only one of many young people who have been able to benefit from the opportunities that the Education Sponsorship project has provided.

We were one of the group of Churches who in 1977 were challenged to help with the Education project, at that stage all education was a privilege for only those who were able to afford it, i.e. not provided by the State.

Apparently, now Junior schools are financed by the state, however beyond this stage, Secondary education has to be financed by the individual - without sponsorship, only those with parents who are able to finance them acquire education beyond Junior school. So our involvement continues to be vital for many youngsters - currently18 young people benefit.

As you can realise, several of our original sponsors have moved on in this life, and indeed to the life beyond, everyone at Lavington is so grateful for the help which Marple so generously continues to provide - 6,350 was given to the Education Sponsorship, in January 2011, including Gift Aid Tax recovered.

It is possible that, having read the above, you may be interested in becoming involved in such a worthwhile project. Any more sponsors will be most welcome, at whatever level you are able to contribute.

Our giving is forwarded to Kenya during January each year - perhaps this will act as a reminder to all those involved.

What a fantastic project for our Church to be involved with since Rev Kenneth Lawton's visit as our minister in 1976.

Peter Avill.
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