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A Whisper of your Love

I bring
The chaos of my jumbled thoughts
to you in prayer;
Thoughts rattling round in my head
Like marbles in a tin,
Crashing, banging,
Vying for attention
As I haltingly, falteringly try to let them go.

I long
To settle into stillness

But intrusive thoughts collide
and crash
And make me wonder if I have the patience
For this time in prayer,
When all seems lost
Quietly, unexpectedly
Into the noisy confusion of my thoughts
Breaks through
A compelling, beckoning whisper
Of your love.

Soft and gentle
Tenderly whispered

Your love
Floats down to me
Like billowy duckling down
Carried on a summer breeze,
Like the fragile beauty of butterfly wings
Or the treasured fragrance of an autumn rose;
A whisper of your healing love
Caresses me
Washes over me, holds me tightly
Draws me further into the comfort
Of the strong, enriching silence.
Pat Marsh
From the St Hellier Methodist Centre Newsletter September 2009
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