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The Manchester warehouse this year was again at Ashton, which is a bit out of the way, but as many of the key workers attend Mottram Baptist Church, it’s ideal for them. For the last two years there has been a satellite warehouse in Glossop which is handier for us. Altogether 48,000 shoe boxes were sent, which included 4,800 from Glossop. The boxes from Manchester went to Belarus, Liberia, Kosova and Ukraine. As at 7th December 839,977 boxes had left the UK on 91 loads. Many more were scheduled to leave before Christmas but we don’t have final figures as yet.

Here is a story from one of the distribution team in Belarus in December, as reported in Samaritan’s Purse Stop Press:-

The Little Grey Shoebox
How often do we laugh and say, “Wow, God really had a special purpose for that shoe box!” This story is no exception and yet in many ways it’s even more amusing, as for many of us, this little box may not have passed inspection. The shoe box was the smallest the distributors had ever seen and to add to that it was plain grey, no colourful Christmas designs decorated it’s outside. The little grey shoe box arrived at an orphanage in Belarus and during the distribution was handed to a small boy on crutches. Concerned that he would be disappointed with his meagre gift, one distributor stayed nearby to watch.

Opening the little shoe box, the boy gasped and pulled out a soft, cuddly grey mouse. Laughing, he hugged the mouse close to his cheek and began to look through the rest of the contents. Everything inside the shoe box was grey and yet the little boy’s smile grew wider and wider. Intrigued, the distributor sat down on the boy’s bed and asked him if he liked his shoe box. With a huge smile on his face the little boy explained, “Grey is my most favourite colour and I had dreamed about getting a cuddly grey mouse. I want him to sleep on my pillow at night. Everything in this shoe box is grey; I know it was especially made for me!”

Joan Miller
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