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In the last Newsletter I mentioned the Action for Children campaign called ‘Growing Strong’ which aims to help children and their parents cope with stress, and how to help them develop resilience and self esteem. Another Action For Children campaign is called “Breaking Down Barriers.”

For this, an Entry to Employment (E2E) scheme has been set up. Vulnerable and marginalised young people have a lot to offer but are often held back through a variety of reasons, lack of schooling, not the right sort of guidance or support, and often a lack of qualifications. E2E gives one-to-one individualised support to enable these youngsters to achieve.

For several months now Action for Children has focussed on a campaign “As Long As It Takes”. Here the focus is on work with families. The pressure of family life can be very tough. In this current economic climate, everyday issues can become harder to manage – especially for the most vulnerable. When it comes to supporting families there is no such thing as a quick fix. The deep rooted and complex problems they face demand many forms of support and commitment to find lasting solutions that work. Action for Children is committed to being there for as long as they are needed.

There is also much work going on to support child carers, children caring for parents with disabilities or illnesses, and even siblings with disabilities. A great deal of support is given to enable these children to have some time just to be children and to enjoy the things in life which so many of us take for granted.

There is further information in the Concourse but you can always ask me for a booklet about Action For Children’s work. You may like to give through a Home Collecting box in which case speak to Susan Palmer. ‘Every Little Helps’, as they say!!

More information is on: www.actionforchildren.org.uk

Barbara Scholes
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