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Our year’s project has now drawn to a close and we have raised a total of £4,600 for The Methodist Relief and Development Fund’s Primary Health Care Project in Wassoulou Balle and Gouanan. This has been carried out through a partnership with Jeunesse et Development, a local organisation. Our funds have been able to purchase:

  • Two motorbikes,
  • A video system and generator,
  • Four months salary for field Training for two community health volunteers.
  • Training for two “mother peer” educators,
  • Kits for a year for three community educators,
  • Two weighing scales for infants,
  • Two impregnated mosquito nets.

As Isabelle Carboni of MRDF emphasised at the launch of our project, Primary Health Care is essential before there can be real progress in employment and other development. Our project has made a contribution to this vital work.

I would like to say thank you to all who have contributed to the project and helped to raise this splendid amount.

Graham Hawley
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