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In the four months since our special weekend in March we have continued to talk about and reflect on things from the weekend and the wider mission of the church.

The idea that we should create opportunities to get to know one another better has produced different possibilities. A Summer evening stroll that became more of a synchronized swim when the rain poured down, informal faith meals and their accompanying conversations and the ongoing conversations over coffee.

The four informal evenings had a varied number of people sharing in them. One meeting talked about our use of the bible, another about our experience of prayer, the third about ways of building connections to the Hawk Green community, and the fourth sought to make some specific suggestions about how we could develop these things.

As a result we have some ideas to try for new ways of praying, both in worship and beyond. We will continue wrestling with scripture, and would welcome specific ideas or questions to be preached about and reflected on in worship. Any suggestions to Chris or the stewards.

With regard to our links with Hawk Green, we thought about a link with the Residents’ Association, or perhaps having our own pub quiz team competing in The Crown - again ideas or volunteers welcome. A community survey could help us to get to know our neighbours better, and guide us about the needs of the community. These are all ideas at an early stage, but it may be you have a specific concern for something in the community, or would like to offer to do something in the life of the church which doesn’t exist yet, and you would like to see happen. If so, please speak to Chris.

There will be more opportunities to talk in the Autumn, and we will change the day from the Wednesday we have used so far. So please keep an eye out for the new dates, and share with us ideas that you have for the future life and mission, of our congregation.

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