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Easter Expectations

I don’t know what ‘Easter Sunrise Service’ conjures up in your mind, but in mine I have a picture of a group of people on a grassy knoll with a cross nearby and the sun slowly rising over the cross into a clear blue sky. Well, at 6am up at Mellor Parish Church on Easter Sunday this year, it was overcast and dull and during the service it started to rain which made our printed words run and made the communion bread soggy. There was no cross on a hill to look at and certainly no sign of the sun. All a bit disappointing you might think. Not quite up to expectations?

During the service we heard the familiar story of the women going to the tomb early on Easter Sunday to put spices on Jesus’ body, worrying about who was going to roll the stone away so they could get inside. I wonder if they were a bit disappointed after Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem only to have him crucified a few days later as a criminal. Maybe at that time they were thinking that he hadn’t quite lived up to their expectations.

Well, the message the women were given was that far from not living up to expectations, Jesus had exceeded them. He was alive and they were to share the good news with their friends. Our message was the same: Jesus is alive. Share the good news. And so, just as the women went away to share their good news with the other disciples, so we went back to our respective churches to share the good news of Easter with them (but not before we had stopped off at the parish centre for some tea and delicious warm bread buns).

Phil Le Sueur
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