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Celtic Christianity

Some of us recently came together with Arnold Clay to look at Celtic Christianity. The sessions were interesting and enjoyable but it is a deep subject of which we only scratched the surface.

However several threads run through the Celtic faith such as:-

  • There is no separation between the sacred and the secular.
  • Prayer was offered to the Trinity.
  • Prayer was often repetitive.
  • Prayer was all encompassing and also very particular - nothing was too small or too big to be prayed for.
  • Celts prayed as they got up and dressed, lit the fire and the candles and as they performed their daily tasks.

We were asked to write a Celtic type prayer ourselves. So with apologies to St Cuthbert and Arnold here is my prayer for our church and community!

Father God, Bless our church, our building, our people.
Lord Jesus, Bless our families, our friends.
Holy Spirit, Bless all our doings without and within our church.
Holy Trinity, Bless each and everyone of us.

Father God be present at our worship, with our organist and choir, during practice and on Sundays.

  • Be with our stewards as they open up our church for us and help in the services. Be with them as they meet and plan.
  • Be with those who lead our worship as they guide and minister to us and intercede for many.
  • Be with every person in the congregation. Open their hearts and minds and encourage them. Touch them at their point of need.
Lord Jesus. Enhance our knowledge of one another
  • Bring us closer together as a church and circuit.
  • Increase our empathy, our discernment, our listening skills.
  • Help us to be kind. Help us to see people and situations through your eyes.
  • Help us to love unconditionally. Without judgments.
  • Help us to draw our strength from you.
Holy Spirit
  • Bless all who come into our church.
  • All who have jobs in our church. From our cleaner to our superintendent.
  • Be with, and bless, all who use our rooms for many purposes:
    • From Art to Attic Sales.
    • From Toddlers to Tap Dancers.
    • From Youth Clubs to Y.B.A.
  • Bless our spoken words, our written words and our printed words.
  • Bless our community, the people, our town, the houses, our homes, our streets, our shops, our parks, the waterways, the theatres.
  • Bless all who work with our community:
    • From ‘Charis’ to Christian Care.
    • From Doctors to District Nurses.
    • From Lollipop Ladies to Landlords.

Encourage and bless all for whom no one has ever prayed.

So Blessed Trinity, 3 in 1, Father, Son and Holy Spirit we commit our blanket of prayer to you.

In all things and in all places.

Your Kingdom come. Your will be done.


Gill Robinson

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