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Through the monthly Traidcraft stall we raise the profile of fairly traded produce and encourage members to buy fairly traded produce from local suppliers and to campaign for local suppliers to provided fairly traded produce for us to buy.

By giving the young people in the church a token on their birthday which they can exchange for Traidcraft products, we encourage them to start thinking about the issues behind buying and selling and attempt to start them thinking about the consequences of our society's 'cheapest is best' culture.

We use the weekly notice sheet and the quarterly newsletter to keep members up to date with fairtrade issues both locally and nationally.

Do you fancy furthering the valuable work of Traidcraft and at the same time earning some money for your favourite charity?

We are keen to recruit people willing to sell Traidcraft produce to others (for example at work) and will supply whatever stock you need. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Pay for the stock up front - in which case you get a 10% discount on the understanding that your profits go to a charity (which you can choose) and you take the risk of the stock not selling or passing its sell by date.
  2. Order your stock on a sale or return basis - in which case you can have 5% of your takings for the charity of your choice.

If you are interested and would like to know more, speak to Marjorie, Andrew or Phil

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