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Marple Methodist Church aims to be a Good Neighbour in the local community and the wider world by:
  • Seeking out and meeting needs in the community,
  • Providing a safe, caring and welcoming environment for all, without exclusion,
  • Actively promoting fairness, justice and peace for all,
  • Providing practical, prayerful and financial support to local, regional and international organisations who share our aims,
  • Getting involved in and providing opportunities for discussion, dialogue and debate on issues of concern,
  • Encouraging, enabling and equipping its own people for service.
All that we do is inspired by the love of God, as we seek to follow his Son, Jesus Christ. If you want to know more, or would like someone to pray with you, please speak to one of the café staff.
ROC's (Redeeming Our Communities) main aim is to bring about community transformation by crerating strategic partnerships between statutory agencies, voluntary groups and churches. These partnerships form new volunteer-led projects that address a variety of social needs.

Marple Methodist Church is a ROC partner
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